Solid and multiwall polycarbonate, PET sheets and GPPS
from €0,78 or $0,93 per m² wholesale

A wide selection of sheets of transparent plastic of European quality from a leading Russian manufacturer - SafPlast LLC (Novattro™). Delivery to Europe and USA.

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Product range

Solid polycarbonate sheets Novattro™

Thickness is from 0.5 to 15 mm

Transparent as glass and as hard as metal, flexible and lightweight. Novattro is:

  • vandalism protection
  • in 2 times lighter than glass
  • possible to cold bending (arched transparent design)
  • long duration of life
  • from €1,78 per m² / from $2,12 per m²

    PET-A sheets Novattro™

    Thickness is from 0.3 to 4 mm

    Versatile material for skill levels. Good for any products and designs of advertising, for guards in industry, for packaging and for everyday life. PET sheets Novattro are transparent, durable, high flexibility, so they the use of PET Novattro minimum thickness ≤ 0.3 mm. perfectly shaped, and cut with a laser, is used to print images.

    from €0,78 per m² / from $0,93 per m²

    Translucent click-panels for roof and facade

    Thickness 10 mm - 40 mm

    Cellular polycarbonate panels with innovative locking connection. Novattro PROF lock panels keep the interior warm. A uniform UV protective layer is applied to the panel, which protects the polycarbonate from clouding and destruction. Fast delivery times and favorable prices.

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    Multiwall polycarbonate sheets Rational™

    Thickness is from 3.5 to 10 mm,
    10 colors

    "Polycarbonate Kazan" is the optimal combination of quality and low prices. Under this name is made of a lightweight polycarbonate Rational with UV protective layer. The service life of the multiwall polycarbonate of 10 years.

    from €0,91 per m² / from $1,09 per m²

    Multiwall polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses ACTUAL!Bio™

    Thickness is from 4 to 10 mm

    The multiwall polycarbonate specially developed for a covering of greenhouses, is an optimum choice of the gardener. Light active multi-wall polycarbonate ACUAL! BIO – combines all the advantages of multi-wall polycarbonate (high light transmission, thermal insulation, durability) and has unique properties (Bio-layer).

    from €1,51 per m² / from $1,8 per m²

    Novattro™ Prism GPPS for LED

    Thickness 1.8 mm

    Polystyrene Novattro Prism has the appropriate properties: maximum light transmission and diffusing. The main advantage of sheets of polystyrene is in a lower price compared to most other products (acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.). When this consumer characteristics (optical properties, mechanical and thermo-vacuum treatment) meet the requirements of consumers.

    from €2,39 per m² / from $2,85 per m²

    Examples of using


    Hygiene screens for the service industry

    PET-A Novattro™, Kazan, Russia.


    Roofing and noise screens

    Solid polycarbonate Novattro™, Sochi, Russia.


    LED lamps for schools and offices

    GPPS Novattro™, Kazan, Russia.

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    FCA Incoterms from manufacturer in Russia or delivery to Europe or USA (DAP incoterms), min. value 1 palett